Engineering & Design Services

Engineering & Design Services

Our products are designed to BSEN standards and supported by our highly skilled engineering and design team. The technical know-how in a wide range of industries means that we can propose customized solutions for every projects.
With extensive experience spanning the length of the whole construction chain, we provide project management expertise in engineering, design, manufacturing and delivery.

Our service offer includes:
a. Casting Yard Design & Planning Services.
b. Shop Drawings Preparation for Precast Production.
c. Precast Mould Design and Supply
d. Supply of Mould accessories.

Tekla Structures and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Our Engineering and Design teams are equipped with the most advance 3D simulation software called Tekla Structures. Our design team will do simulation and produce fabrication drawings using this system.

Tekla Structures also offers powerful tools for making information models and updating plans, as well as for 3D viewing and visualizing civil engineering projects using combination models.

BIM is the basis for Projalma’s smooth operation coordination. Solution will be proposed before the actual construction is carried out, so that errors during manufacturing will be eliminated.

Real-time, multi-user environment makes it possible for project team to communicate efficiently and manage correct information throughout the entire project.

Completed Projects